What’s a BITI?

BITI stands for Buy It to Try It. Did you know that as a Wine Decadence Consultant you get amazing monthly deals on BITIs? It is the perfect opportunity for consultants to purchase selected food and/or wine items at a great discount.


BITIs are available every month and are discussed during Consultant calls, usually the third Monday of the month. The purpose of BITIs is for you to get familiar with your products and to better sell them- sell products that you believe in.  Also because they are offered at a discounted price, what better time is there to experiment? One of our favorite ventures was the Chocoholic Brownies with the substitute of Discoveries Cab for water. Really fulfills all your cravings! Take advantage of these specials. Only one per consultant can be purchased.

Buy it to Try like it’s your job! Well you know…an awesome part of your job!


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