Facebook Analytics

How do I know if my posts are working? Who am I reaching? How’s my strategy? One word, analytics.

Facebook is wonderful in that it provides you with the analytics tools for free. Be warned, that it doesn’t keep all of the metrics over extended periods of time…at most 28 days! If you want to keep tally, make sure you store those numbers in a safe place.

Where are these analytics?

Once you set up your Facebook business page, you can find this whole new numbers world by clicking on “Insights”.


You will now see a column on the left side of the page. The following metrics are listed:

Overview: This section is a general summary of the following metrics.

Promotions:  Holds information about paid advertising and promotions.

Followers: This metric states exactly what it says, your number of followers.

Likes: The likes on your page and net likes (people do unlike!)

Reach: The number of people your posts were served to.

Page Views: The number of people who have looked at your business page. (You can even see demographic information in this sections!)

Actions on Page: What your audience is clicking on.

Posts: The Golden Ticket! This metric shows how each of your posts are doing and even when your audience is online.

Events: If you host events on your page, you can see the reach your event earned.

Videos: Check out your video views in this section.

People: The demographic information of your audience is located here. Find out where your audience is from and how you can best sell to them.

Local: What people are like near your business.

Shop: What people are buying.

Messages: Conversations people have had with you!

Knowledge is power…post on!




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