Boomerang Your Business

Soooo it’s not just a toy? A Boomerang is a fun video feature that you can create on your smartphone. This app shoots video clips and plays the footage forward and then backward 5 times all under 4 seconds…just like a GIF!

Let’s Begin!

  1. First things the first, download the free app. The app icon looks like the one below.Boomerange Icon

Once you are there the app will go through a quick explanation of how it works.

2. Select which camera you would like to use. You can choose the front or back camera.

3. Touch the round white button at the bottom center of the screen. You do not have to hold it down.

4. Ta-da! You made your first Boomerang!

5. Save your Boomerang by clicking “Save” in the top right corner

6. To upload your Boomerang right away click on the social media platform (or just leave the boomerang in your camera roll to upload at a later date)

Let’s see your Boomerangs! Tag us and use our hashtag, #winedecadence. Happy social media-ing!



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