What’s a BITI?

BITI stands for Buy It to Try It. Did you know that as a Wine Decadence Consultant you get amazing monthly deals on BITIs? It is the perfect opportunity for consultants to purchase selected food and/or wine items at a great discount.


BITIs are available every month and are discussed during Consultant calls, usually the third Monday of the month. The purpose of BITIs is for you to get familiar with your products and to better sell them- sell products that you believe in.  Also because they are offered at a discounted price, what better time is there to experiment? One of our favorite ventures was the Chocoholic Brownies with the substitute of Discoveries Cab for water. Really fulfills all your cravings! Take advantage of these specials. Only one per consultant can be purchased.

Buy it to Try like it’s your job! Well you know…an awesome part of your job!


It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Consistency is key. Social media is a marathon NOT a sprint.

Wine Stain.jpg

You need to develop the relationship between you and your audience. In order to do that, you need to be there. All good- no GREAT,  relationships rely on communication. Just as referenced in the algorithm article, commenting and responding to other people’s posts is essential. Put yourself out there, have some fun! Make this a daily chore. You will not have a successful run on social media if you post everything in one day and comment like crazy on other’s posts. Take it slowly and grow.

Develop a Strategy

Create a calendar and scheduling system for yourself. It’s a great idea to block out two times during the day to check your social media- early morning and evening. Ever confused or have nothing to post? Post about your experience, tell a story, or even make it a commenting day! It is a waste of time to stay in your corner on social media- it would be called antisocial media, right? There are varying statistics available about when you will see results from social media. A reoccurring number is… 6 months! You cannot fit all of 6 months work in a day. Write out your schedule and experiment with your hashtags! Remember, we are your biggest fans!

Your Business on Twitter


Tweeting is not just for the birds. It’s time to get talking and sharing. Unlike Instagram, Twitter is conversation heavy. Articles, fun (not necessarily esthetically pleasing) photos are welcomed!

Create your non-business Twitter page here:


Create your business Twitter page here:


Wondering which one you should make? Click here for the explanation of business vs. non-business accounts in the You Business on Instagram blog.

How Does One Twitter?

Twitter is awesome for getting your company name out there- quickly. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, looking pretty isn’t that important. Humor and intellect are key. Twitter encourages interaction between accounts while sharing your thoughts/opinions. A great way to get started is to follow accounts that you like or that are in your industry.

What to Tweet…

Tweet photos from your parties, tweet your website, tweet your favorite products, Tweet like no one is watching! This platform is IDEAL for real time marketing. It’s also a great search engine. Need some article inspiration to post on your Facebook? Twitter is packed full with great wine content. Some of our favorite accounts include:




Hashtags on Twitter are important but too will not help you. Use no more than two hashtags. Make sure they are relevant and you are good to GO! Always experiment with your hashtags- you can expand your audience quickly if you take on that challenge.

Follow us and we will do our best to follow and retweet you! Send us a message on Twitter if we haven’t yet. Tweet ya later!





Your Business on Instagram


It’s a visual world, isn’t it? Imagine a world where people didn’t care about how things looked…back to reality yet? Looks are important and we want you to look GOOD!

Instagram is a visually dominant platform. Many Facebook users are adding Instagram to their social media regime – even some are dropping Facebook all together. Millennials are ruling the website…it’s time to grab their attention!

Before You Begin

When setting up an Instagram account, you have two options. You can set it up as a personal account or a business account. There are pros and cons to both. When you set up a business account you have analytic tools at your disposal. You can check how your posts are doing- reach, impressions, likes, saves and comments. You can even see the best posting times for your audience. Unfortunately, Instagram (just like Facebook) wants to best serve its audience and that means people don’t want to be sold to all the time. Your business page will not be as “favored.” This means algorithms won’t be as beneficial…if people are searching for wine and you’re not the top wine company, personal pages will show up before you.

Still Doesn’t Make Sense

If the algorithm talk still doesn’t makes sense to you, don’t worry. We will be featuring future blogs that explain this in more depth. In short, business pages don’t show up as well as personal pages when people are searching. The benefit of a business account is the analytics (free) the con is sacrifices potential customers. Most businesses are willing to take that hit- but since this is your business that depends on who you are…a personal page is likely to be better for you because you want it to be about YOU! You are the brand and therefore the face of your business. Not convinced? Check out the links below once you have had time to decide.

Here’s how you can set up your business account:


Here’s how you can set up your personal account:


Now what?

You need to have this app downloaded on your phone. If you don’t want to pay for special programs that often require contracts for payment… keep it on your phone for FREE! You cannot post on your computer for Instagram (for free). Hootsuite offers a free level of posting but it still requires you to have the app on your phone. If there is a particular time you want to post, it will send you a text with the image and caption that you scheduled.


But How Should I Post?

Great photos, of course! Post photos that you think others want to look at! Quotes and jokes are also great ways to draw an audience. Show that you are fun and having fun. Do not overwhelm your images with text! This defeats the purpose of Instagram. Remember, post photos that YOU like.

Don’t miss opportunities with captions. Just using hashtags will get you temporary followers. Instagram is a strange place because of this. There are some Instagram users that will follow you and wait for you to follow them back. Then they will unfollow you. These leads are meaningless. If you wake up on day with 30 followers then fall to 10 by the end of the day- don’t fret. Those 20 were just wasting your time…wasting their own time really.

Use those hashtags! Just like in Facebook article, hashtags are great tools for you to expand your audience. Click here if you need a refresher.

On Instagram hashtags are golden. You will want to use multiple relevant hashtags. Hashtags featuring what is seen in the photo and what you write in your caption. A common successful number is 11 hashtags.

The little BIG things

  1. Include your website in your bio!
  2. Don’t always be selling… that’s right. We said it. You don’t always need to be promoting wines. In fact, if you do you will get some people annoyed.
  3. Do NOT over post. They are tons of articles out there that say you should post at lest 5x a day. This is for accounts that has tens of thousands of followers. Once again this is an algorithm situation. Your posts will show up multiple times to the same people so do NOT overwhelm them.
  4. Try new things! Social media is changing on the daily. Take a little risk. Change up your hashtags. Post a headshot. You do you.
  5. Be consistent. Do Not abandon your social media account. An account that is not updated is worse than no account at all. At the very least, post 1x a week.
  6. Make it about you! Use your amazing personality. Find your niche in the social media world.
  7. Follow us! @winedecadence We will do our best to follow you. If we don’t, send us a message on Instagram.



Consultant Spotlight, Jeffrey Jurist


Meet one of our newest Consultants, Jeffrey Jurist. He started on May 25th, National Wine Day- how fitting!

J Jurist

What made you choose Wine Decadence?

I have always wanted to do direct sales but could never find anything that spoke to me.  I love entertaining and having friends over.  This is basically an opportunity to do this all the time and meet new people.  I enjoy wine and would love to share this with everyone.  There are other companies I found doing this, and some would have had more support locally.  However, I feel the opportunity to get in on the ground floor in my area and to be mentored by great people. I have already spoken to Anna and Tiffany [they] were just too good.  Additionally, the $399 Kit with 26 wines this month was too good to turnaround.  I don’t plan on flopping but even if I did, I have all that wine, so I figured what do I have to lose.

What have been the best parts of being a part of Wine Decadence?

I just joined, but so far everyone has been very friendly and helpful.  Milissa and I seem to be asking the same questions and I am watching her stuff for ideas as well.  I am just trying to learn as much as possible and I hope to have many tastings scheduled very soon.

What are your goals for your business?

I am a dreamer, but I want to be realistic.  At first, I just want to work hard and do my best to get started and build.  Ideally, I would like to eventually be the go-to person in Texas with a very large network of Wine Decadence Consultants.  Perhaps have our own warehouse here one day from a corporate perspective due to all the business.  There are so many festivals in Austin, we could represent the company at these festivals, and help this company succeed to the highest levels.  This will benefit me, the company, and hopefully my large network of consultants.  At first, though I just want to hit the fast start and hopefully have 2 or 3 recruits as well by the end of my 60 days.

What is your favorite wine?

Like music and food, I really enjoy any and all kinds as long as they are good.  I do really enjoy I nice oaky Pinot Noir though.

Which wine best matches your personality and why?

I would say a Reisling.  I am a very friendly person, willing to chat with strangers. You could say I am sweet like a lot of Rieslings.

What would you tell someone that is considering a Wine Decadence business?

I would tell them to go for it.  If you ever look at these bigger Direct Sales companies and wonder how certain people are making a living it is because they likely started early on in the company and helped build it.  The opportunity is there.